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These are a few of my favourite walks in the area. The first 3 are signposted. The others not. You can zoom in on the map to see exactly where the paths go.

Torrejosa (Pink): Drive down through the village and turn right at the bottom of the hill. Follow this road for about 5km until the road becomes unsurfaced and you see a large house on your left. Park by this house (outside their gates!) and look for a gate on the opposite side of the road. Go through this gate and turn right onto a very old track. Follow this up through the trees. After about 30 minutes you will find on your left the ruins of Torrejosa. You can read (in Spanish) about it here. There are great views of the reservoir and the Valle de Ojen.

Canuto del Risco Blanco (Yellow): Turn right at the bottom of Facinas and follow the road out past the reservoir and into the Valle de Ojen. It is a spectacular drive and worth doing even if you don't get out of the car! The road is unmade so go slowly as there are potholes. After about 15km you will see a sign and gate on your left. Park the car and go through the gate. Immediately on your right you will see the footpath signposted. Follow the markers up through the forest until you meet up with the main track. Turn right and then very soon you will pick up the markers again on your left taking you up through the forest along a beautiful stream. At one point the markers will direct you across the stream and the bath will turn back to the right. Follow this to take you back to the main path where you can turn right and follow thr track back to your car. Alternatively, after crossing the stream, instead of turning right, turn left instead and continue up the valley. The path is quite easy to follow. After an hour or the path leaves the forest and ascends through the shrubs until you meet up with a barbed wire fence. Turn right here and follow the path for another hour or so until you reach the Cruz de Romero, one of the highest points in the area (755m) giving great views of La Janda plain to Vejer and looking down on Gibraltar in the other direction. Truly breathtaking! Allow about 5 to 6 hours for the whole walk.

Arroyo de Tiradero (Orange): A great short walk and perfect for when the wind is blowing on a very hot summers day. Take the same road as for the previous walk but instead look out for a sign and parking place on your right about a km earlier. Park the car and follow the signposted path down to the river. At one point the path opens up and there is a great swimming hole with rocks to jump off and waterfalls to sit under. You can then return to the car the same way or continue on the road until you reach the ruins of the Cortijo de San Carlos de Tiradero. Walk back along the road to the car.

Bacinete (Purple): Continue along the road for another 4km or so and look out for a gate on your left with a wooden ladder to the side. Cross the gate here. Follow the track for 150m then take the left turn. Then head to your right up the hill where you can find neolithic cave paintings and tombs.

The following walk around the Sierre de Fates offers some incredible views of the whole area and over to Africa. On a clear day you can see for miles. It's fairly straightforward although sometimes you have to look a bit for the path around the Torre del Rayo but you can always ask. Also, it takes 6 to 8 hours so take food and water. There are some great photos of this walk (done the other way around) here.

Sierra fe Fates 1 (Green): This first half of the walk is very easy as you are following a large track all the way. Start at the church and follow the track up out of the village. Keep on the main track and after about 2 hours you will see another track leading off to your right to a forestry building where you will have  fantastic views to Africa. Alternatively carry on the main track for another hour or so until you reach the tarmac road leading down towards the sea. Don't take this road as the gate at the bottom is locked.

Sierra de Fates 2 (Blue): At this point you will see a fire cut on your left. Continue down this fire cut until you pick up the path and eventually meet an unmade road. Turn left then right on to a small path which will take you down to the hamlet of Puertollano. Once past the houses, take the next track on the left and then immediately right up off the road into the fields. Continue uphill until you reach the ancient Torre del Rayo. Walk past the tower and continue in the same direction until you meet another unmade road. Turn left onto this and follow it as it becomes a footpath. This will take you back to Facinas.

Sierra de Fates (Red): This is a much shorter walk into the sierra. Walk up the road from the house and turn right at the top. Look for a gap between the houses on your left just after the the refuse containers. Walk up through a small gate onto the hill. Bear left and follow it round until you come to a house. Go up the hill here leaving the house on your left. Keep going up and to the right until you meet the footpath. It can be a bit tricky here to find the path but just keep heading up. If you hit barbed wire turn left. If you follow this path you will soon meet up with the main track and can take a left turn her and go back down to Facinas. Alternatively, before meeting the main track look for a path leading up to the right going in between 2 barbed wire fences. Follow this to the top of the hill. Then take the 1st track on your left. Follow this until it meets up with the main track. Turn left here to take you back down to Facinas.